Ticket to Ride Anniversary Edition

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For 2-5 Players
Time 30-60 Minutes
Genre : Trains, Hand Management, Set Collection

Beli Ticket to Ride Anniversary Edition

Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary contains material from the Ticket to Ride base game and the USA 1910 expansion:

30 Classic Destination Tickets
35 Destination Tickets from USA 1910
4 Destination Tickets from Mystery Train
1 Longest Route/Globetrotter Bonus card

In Ticket to Ride, players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who fulfill Destination Tickets goal cards that connect distant cities; and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.

2014 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee
2014 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Nominee

180 Cards Standard US