Monopoly For Millenials

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Deskripsi Monopoly Millenials ( Original ) Board Game - Hasbro - Monopoli

Name: Monopoly for Millennials.

Manufacturer: Hasbro..

For 2-4 Players


Age: New, just in time for Christmas.

Monopoly for Millennials? Is that a thing? It seems to be. It’s available at Walmart in the US, apparently.

Seriously? Oh yes. Those hacks at Hasbro make Monopoly sets on just about every theme that occurs to them. There’s Mario Kart Monopoly, Back to the Future Monopoly, Isle of Wight Monopoly, Horses and Ponies Monopoly, Wolverhampton Monopoly …

Jumped the Shark Monopoly? I’m sure that’s coming soon.

So what does Monopoly for Millennials involve? Well, it’s just like normal Monopoly, but instead of money you collect ‘experience points’ by visiting such things as a music festival, a farmers’ market, a vegetarian bistro, a bike share, your friend’s couch …