Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition

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Deskripsi Fantastiqa: Rucksack Edition Board Game

For: 2-4 Players

Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes

Category: Adventure, Fantasy

211 Cards Standard MTG 63.5x88mm

Fantastiqa: Rucksack is a deck-building strategy game set in a fantastical landscape of dark forests, mist-shrouded highlands, and frozen wastes. As you and your foes journey around the table, you will subdue strange creatures and fulfill fabulous quests. Each creature you encounter has both an ability and a vulnerability. Subdue it and recruit it as an ally! A subdued creature is added to your expanding deck of cards, making its special ability into your own! A defeated Enchantress will wield her beguiling charms to help you overcome wandering Knights. Knights will in turn subdue Dragons, adding their fiery breath to your cause! Combine the powers of different creatures and fulfill curious quests: send forth your Rabbits of Unusual Size to Nibble Through the Violin Strings of the Violent Vampire Volnar! Or deploy a party of web-slinging Spiders to String a Bridge Across the Chasm of Chaos! Some of the creatures you encounter carry precious gems, which you can spend to purchase powerful artifacts or summon mythical beasts to your aid. You begin with a few household items, but you grow in power as you adventure and gather allies! By completing quests, you score victory points and claim other special rewards.

Game Components:

1 Compass Token

4 Player Reference Cards & Adventure Kits

3 Card Supply Tokens

6 Circular Region Tiles

6 Wooden Statues

60 Gems

29 Artifact; 18 Beast; and 45 Quest cards

59 Creature cards

4 Quest Goal cards

16 Peaceful Dragon cards

12 one-point Bonus Tokens

16 Flying Carpet and 12 Reshuffle Tokens

4 Dog Cards

1 Reference Sheet/Glossary