Era Of Tribes

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Deskripsi Era of Tribes KS - Kickstarter - Emperor′s Edition Board Game - TBG

For 1-4 Players

Time : 60-180 Minutes

Genre : Ancient, Civilization, Environmental, Medieval, WarGame

"Era of Tribes" is an asymmetric worker-placement strategy game in the vein of Civilization for 1-4 players (Age 14+) where your goal is to discover, expand, develop and interact with your fellow players in Europe from the Neolithic period to the High Middle Ages. You have ten unique tribes to choose from, each with special benefits and drawbacks, different starting conditions, several ways to end the game, a real civ-feeling and all this within a playtime of around 30 minutes per player.

You develop your tribe by placing leaders on your personal Tribal Action Board where you choose 1 of 7 different actions in each turn. This guarantees quickly executable contextual actions and a short downtime.