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Arendelle has never felt closer: Frozen 2 Dobble combines Disney's iconic property with one of the most emblematic family games. Players try to spot the single matching symbol between two cards in a playful battle of speedy observation, featuring not only the beloved Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff, but also the new characters Queen Iduna, Honeymaren and the Nokk, along with beautiful symbols and graphic assets from the movie.

Number of Player 2-8

Recommended Age 6+

Rp 1.225.000Rp 1.225.000

Number of Players 2-6

Time 30 Minutes

Recommended Age 8+

Number of Players: 1-2

Recommended Age: 6+

Number of Players: 1-2

Recommended Age: 8+

Number of Players: 2-6

Recommended Age: 4+

Rp 640.000Rp 640.000

For 1-4 Players
Time : 30-45 Minutes
Genre : Tile Placement, Area Majority

The Portuguese King has called the finest stonemasons of the country to pave one of the most important squares with calçada tiles (worldwide famous black and white tiles that pave several squares in Portugal). But the task is enormous and players will have to count with the aid of helper cards who will help them score points and/or collect money.

Rossio is all about timing: Recruit a card face-up late in the game, and then it will score fewer times than expected. Recruit it too early, and it will score you a few points since there are few tiles built on the square. To many cards recruited face down will give that extra amount of money, but, they won't score any points. Build several tiles and you're probably helping your opponents. Build fewer tiles and you probably won't have money next turn to recruit a face-up card.

Rossio is a game with very simple rules, but with high interaction between players and interesting decisions every single turn.


100% Original
Progressive Level
HIgh Quality and Toxic Free


100% Original
Progressive Level
HIgh Quality and Toxic Free


100% Original
Progressive Level
HIgh Quality and Toxic Free


100% Original
Progressive Level
HIgh Quality and Toxic Free


100% Original
Progressive Level
HIgh Quality and Toxic Free

Rp 720.000Rp 720.000

Number of Players: 2-4 

Recommended Age: 10+

Time: 45 Minutes


Rp 375.000Rp 375.000

For: 2 Players
Playing Time: 5 Minutes
Recommended Age: 5+


100 % Original ( Hongkong Version )
Multi Language supported ( English & Chinese )

For 2-4 Players
Time : 15 Minutes
Genre : Animals, Educational

Rp 645.000Rp 645.000

For 2-5 Players
Time : 35 Minutes
Genre : Animal, City Building, Tile Placement

Jadilah pemadam kebakaran yang terbaik di kota MARBEL! Kumpulkan air dan padamkan api sehingga kamu mendapatkan poin sebanyak-banyaknya. Selamatkan teman-temanmu, kucing, bayi dan nenek dari kobaran api untuk mendapatkan tambahan poin.

Pemain yang memiliki jumlah poin tertinggi akan memenangkan permainan.

Dixit Standalone Rulebook Indonesia , bisa dimainkan langsung tanpa perlu base game

For 2-4 Players
Time : 20 Minutes
Genre : Childrens Game, Trains

Game Designer: Kanty Kusmayanty, Rio Fredericco, Brendan Satria
Illustrator: Various Artist (mentioned in each of monster cards)
Player: 3-5 Pemain
Age: 6 Tahun+
Duration: 20 mins

Rp 385.000Rp 385.000

For 2-9 Players
Time : 15-30 Minutes
Genre : Action / Dexterity, Party Game, Real-time

For 2-6 players
Time : 10-15 Minutes
Genre : Party, Dice Game

Many Russian tales speak of the character of Baba Yaga, the ogress witch who lives in a house with chicken legs. Fortunately for them, children always find unexpected allies and manage to escape her. Will you prove as fortunate?

Rp 360.000Rp 360.000

For 2-4 Players
Time 20 Minutes
Genre : Dexterity , Family Games

Rp 170.000Rp 170.000

For 2-8 Players
Time 15 Minutes
Genre : Card Game, Children's Game, Educational, Party Game

Spot It !! 100% by Asmodee

Temporary Out of Stock

For 2-6 Players
Time 15 Minutes
Genre : Racing, Sport , Hand Management