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Number of Players: 3-6
Game Time: 60-120 Minutes

Munchkin: Harry Potter lands the witches and wizards of Hogwarts in the world of Munchkin, with players needing to kick down doors, grab treasure, and level up as usual.

Scrabble Harry Potter Edition Brings a new level of magical mischief and fun to the world's favourite word game.

- Be sorted into one of the Four HOGWARTS houses!
- Draw a special cards when your word crosses a HOGWARTS space!
- Use Spells and Potions to increase your score, and flummox your opponents!
- Earn bonus points for playing words from the exclusive HARRY POTTER Word List!

With this special edition game, Scrabble celebrates the unique vocabulary from the world of Harry Potter and his friends. Like Original Scrabble, this game comes with a board, 4 racks, bag of tiles, and instructions. But Harry Potter Edition of Scrabble also includes a special glossary for players to find wizarding words they can play with their Scrabble tiles. When a player forms a word on a Hogwarts space, that player gets to draw a magical card that can help score more points. Game includes a deck of 36 Hogwarts cards that bring even more magic to the game. Fans of the Seven Books and Eight films in the Harry Potter Universe will love this special Scrabble game—but it won’t be around for long .

Rp 375.000Rp 375.000

For 3-8 Players
Time : 15 Minutes
Genre : Murder Mystery, Party Game

Rp 400.000Rp 400.000

For 2-5 Players

Time : 20-40 Minutes

Genre : Bluffing , Deduction

Rp 440.000Rp 440.000

For 2-8 Players
Time : 15 Minutes
Genre : Team Play, Deduction


Rp 125.000Rp 125.000
Rp 620.000Rp 620.000

Tragedy Looper is a game about a group of Protagonists traveling back in time to prevent a Mastermind from instigating various tragedies. Or it’s a game about a Mastermind plotting various tragedies while meddling time-travelers keep getting in the way.