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Rp 595.000

Deskripsi Black Gold ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-5 Players
Time : 90-120 Minutes
Genre : Economic, Bidding , Bluffing

Deskripsi 5 Sets Black Polyhedral Dice with Satin-Lined Velvet Bag

Package includes:
35 x Polyhedral dices
1PCS big Satin-Lined Velvet Pouch

Deskripsi Dice Tray Metal Dice Rolling Tray Holder Storage Box for RPG DND Table

Harap cantumkan warna yang diinginkan saat order, terima kasih

Friend and family is a gift you give yourself. But they easier made than kept.
Spend time with your friends and family to enjoy love of them.

Stylifing Dice Tray is used for RPG, DND and Other table Games playing with friends and family.

Product Features:
1.Pretty thick PU leather and good quality velvet protect the table from dents and gashes when rolling metal dice.
2.Ingenious construction with 6 snap fastener of the leather tray is convenience to carry and play games anywhere.
3.Dimensions of diagonal 12.13inch,diameter 9.06 inch, height 1.81 inch provide plenty of space for dices to bounce free and effectively keep them from flying out.
4.Double side design of camel velvet lining and thick PU leather surface shows elegant appearance and wonderful touch feeling.
5.Great compatibility to hold dices, rolling dice hold watches, jewelry, keys, coins, candies, snacks and other accessories.

Product Specifications:
-Color Option : Camel, Purple, Light Blue, Red
-Material: PU leather & Velvet
-Weight: 0.39 pound
-Dimensions: Expanded:13.4*13.4 inch. Closed: diagonal 12.13inch, diameter 9.06 inch, height 1.81 inch
-Packaging List: 1 x Dice Tray (Dice not included)
-Attention Please: Keep from moisture and sun exposure

Rp 160.000

Deskripsi Flip City: Reuse Board Game Expansion

For: 1-4 Players

Playing Time: 30-50 Minutes

Category: Card Game, City Building

Rp 720.000

Deskripsi Forbidden Desert ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-5 Players
Time : 45 Minutes
Genre : Cooperative, Grid Movement, Hand Management

Deskripsi High Quality 14 mm Translucent Dice - Dadu D6 Translucent

10 High Quality Translucent Dice !!

Harga untuk 10 pcs dadu warna 1 set tidak bisa pilih ( warna beda semua )

- This unique 14 mm dice set will brighten up gaming or learning math 
- Guests or students will think you have found treasure 
- Non Toxic and Eco Friendly

- 10 Assorted Dice, 1 Each of Crystal Clear, Green, Yellow, Rose, Purple, Orange, Pink, Cyan, Blue, and red 

Deskripsi High Quality RPG Dice Set - 7 Pieces + Dice Pouch - Dadu RPG

Sets of 7 dices with pouch

Colour Option :
- Blue ( Out of Stock )
- Purple
- Red
- Yellow
- Green

A single 7-die set contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6, and one d4. 

Made of acrylic materials which is durable and hardwearing. Each die with large and easy to read golden numbers. 

Package Include: 

7-die polyhedral dices sets. 
1 Black Dice Pouch 

Deskripsi Sleeve Kings "Super Large" Sleeves (102x127mm) -110 Pack

Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves  -Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns.  Ours are 60-microns thick! That is 50% more than most!

10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys -Most sleeves come 100/pack.  We are the only brand offering 110 per pack!  10% more FREE! 

Deskripsi Sparkling Dice Set 7 Pieces - Dadu Translucent Sparkling

Dadu Translucent cantik isi 1 Set 7 Dadu
D20 , D12, D6, D4, D10x2, D8

Harap Cantumkan warna yang diinginkan saat order, jika tidak akan dikirim acak

Pilihan Warna :
- Ungu ( Out of Stock )
- Merah ( Out of Stock )
- Hijau
- Orange
- Kuning
- Biru ( Out of Stock )

Deskripsi The Broken Token Mini Dice Tower Kit

The Broken Token Mini Dice Tower Kit

Roll dice in style with this exclusive wooden dice tower kit.
Folds for dice storage and transport.

Roll in style
Looks great at any gaming table
Keeps your dice on the table.
Makes a great gift for fellow gamers.

Assembly Required
We recommend a small mallet and a little bit of wood glue (sold separately).
Some customers skip the glue and use only the gentle persuasion of the mallet.
You can leave the birch natural or paint/stain the wood to your desires.
Some customers have enjoyed adding wood burning touches!

Rp 640.000

Deskripsi Tiny Towns ( Original ) Board Game.

For 1-6 Players

Playing Time 45-60 Minutes

Category: Abstract Strategy, Animals

Deskripsi Ultra Pro Clear Deck Box

High Quality Clear Deck Box !!
Holds cards in Deck Protector sleeves. Acid free, durable polypropylene material.

Rp 185.000

Deskripsi PicMix ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-6 Players

Playing Time: 20 Minutes

Category: Children's Game, Real-Time

Deskripsi Imploding Kittens - Exploding Kittens Expansion ( Original )

For 2-6 Players

Imploding Kittens is the first Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project, ever. This Expansion deck includes 20 new cards featuring 6 new types of actions and an Imploding Kitten which increases the game from 5 to 6 players.

20 Cards Standard MTG 63.5x88mm

Rp 215.000

Deskripsi Dice Academy ( Original ) Board Game

For 2- 6 Players
Time : 15 Minutes
Genre : Family , Dice , Imagination

Rp 275.000

Deskripsi Quizoo ( Original ) Board Game

For 2 - 8 Players
Time : 15 Minutes
Genre : Animals, Memory Game

Rp 275.000

Deskripsi Rings Up ( Original ) Board Game

The goal is to be the first to stack different colored rings on your thumb, based on the order shown on a challenge card. This is not as easy as you think! The challenge cards will require each player to focus on the order of numbers and match their colors. Different variations of play make this a must have party game that is as fun for little ones as it is for the big ones!

CATEGORY: Family games
AUTHOR: Alexandre Droit
ILLUSTRATOR: Stéphane Escapa
CONTENTS: 50 Challenge Cards, 48 Rings (12 red, 12 green, 12 blue, 12 yellow)

Rp 445.000

Deskripsi Slide Quest ( Original ) Board Game

For 1-4 Players
Time : 15-45 Minutes
Genre : Action / Dexterity, Family

Rp 565.000

Deskripsi You've Got Crabs ( Original ) - You Got Crabs Board Game

For 4-10 Players

Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes

Category: Animals, Card Game, Humor, Party Game

Deskripsi Board Game Token Organizer - Board Game Insert

18 Slots - Removeable Partition
High Quality Plastic
Dimension : 288x192x46 mm

Deskripsi Streaking Kittens: This Is The Second Expansion of Exploding Kittens

For 2-5 Players

Playing Time: 15 Minutes

Category: Animals, Card Game, Comic Book / Strip, Expansion For Base-Game, Humor

100% Original Product
Base Game is Required to play this Expansion

Rp 445.000

Deskripsi Top That !! ( Original ) Board Game

Number of Players: 2 - 4
Playing Time: 10 Mins
Recommended Age: 6+

Deskripsi You've Got Crabs: Imitation Crab Expansion Kit ( Original )

Base Game is needed to play this Expansion

100 % Original Product

Deskripsi Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Circle Undone: Expansion

Base Game is Required to play this Expansion

Rp 215.000

Deskripsi Sprint! ( Original ) Board Game | Mainan Edukasi

For 2-4 Players
Time : 10-15 Minutes
Genre : Family, Cooperative

Deskripsi City of Kings Upgrade Pack

Content :
City of Kings : Dice
City of Kings : Hero Pack
City of Kings : Quick Setup Tray
City of Kings : Side Quest Pack

Rp 1.210.000

Deskripsi Endeavor: Age of Sails Board Game

For 2-5 Players

Playing Time: 60-90 Minutes

Category: Exploration, Nautical, Renaissance

Bonus Mini Expansion selama persediaan masih ada

Deskripsi Mayday Premium Deluxe Euro Token

Check out the details of this amazing set!
1. 33 Wood-shaped dark-brown pieces. These wood tokens will be of simple design but still look like a piece of dark brown wood or a branch from a tree (stick).
2. 27 dark red pieces. These will be a brick and basically a _©©brick_? shape. It will work as a brick in most games, or could also be considered a clay.
3. 15 light white counters. These generic white food or cat-tail markers will be great for general token replacement. They will be fatter on the bottom and skinnier on the top than the grain tokens but of a similiar look.
4. 18 grey stone counters. They will have a granite/ dark gray color to them.
5. 27 yellow wheat counters. These will be yellow like bundles and stand up by themselves.
6. 18 orange carrots or food counters. These will look like carrots, orange and just carrot shaped.
7. 36 additional food markers. These will be in 3 varieties, a simple bread, 12 of these. Also 12 Fish tokens (wooden, fish shaped), and 12 chicken leg / drum stick shaped pieces of meat.
8. 20 Gold markers. These trapazoid shaped gold markers are great for all those euro games that require gold of any sort. These will look like a real gold brick in terms of shape and not a lame yellow cube like most games have in them.
The total number of pieces then is 33 wood, 27 bricks, 15 white tokens, 18 stone, 27 wheat, 20 gold, 18 carrots and 36 additional food (12 each of bread, fish and drum-sticks/chicken leg). Total of 194 pieces all together.

Rp 675.000

Deskripsi Symphony no 9 ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-4 Players
Time : 50-70 Minutes
Genre : Age of Reason, Music

Rp 450.000

Deskripsi Tiny Epic Defenders ( Original ) Board Game

For 1-4 Players
Time : 30 Minutes
Genre : Fantasy, Medieval , Cooperative

Rp 460.000

Deskripsi Tiny Epic Zombie ( Original ) Board Game

For 1-5 Players
Time : 30-45 Minutes
Genre : Multiplaymode, Zombie

Deskripsi Xia Legends of a Drift System Board Game

For 3-5 Players
Time : 60-180 Minutes
Genre : Adventure, Exploration, Fighting

Rp 215.000

Deskripsi Dog Rush ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-6 Players
Time : 10 Minutes
Genre : Family, Dexterity, Animals

Rp 810.000

Deskripsi Heaven & Ale ( Original ) Board Game

For 2-4 Players
Time : 60-90 Minutes
Genre : Economic, Farming, Industry

Rp 750.000

Deskripsi Unfair ( Original ) Board Game - Dent Box

For 2-4 Players
25 minutes per player
Ages 12 and up

Deskripsi Bang The Dice Game + Sleeve Kings Bundle

For 3-8 Players
Time 15-20 Minutes
Genre : Party Game, Deduction, Team Play , Various Ability

Rp 540.000

Deskripsi Katamino Family Edition ( Original ) Board Game

Strategy puzzle game for 1-2 players
Three different modes of play
High quality wooden pieces
Educational game with increasing difficulty
Suitable for both kids and adults

Katamino Family features a 2 players competitive puzzle board with colorful pieces.

Rp 185.000

Deskripsi Kontour Board Game - Original - TBG - Toko Board Game

For 3-7 Players
Time : 20 Minutes
Genre : Deduction, Party Game

Deskripsi Mattel UNO Original Playing Card Game

100% Original Product


1 PACK Sleeve Kings Standard USA Card Sleeves (56x87mm) - 110 Pack, SKS-8807

Deskripsi Rhino Hero: Super Battle ( Original ) TBG Board Game

For 2-4 Players
Time : 10-20 Minutes
Genre : Action Dexterity, Children Game

Deskripsi Saboteur Board Game ( Original ) + Card Protector

For 3 - 10 Players
Time 30 Minutes
Genre : Deduction, Tile Placement, Diplomacy

Deskripsi Sleeve Kings Catan Card Sleeves (54x80mm) -110 Pack, -SKS-8806

Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves  -Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns.  Ours are 60-microns thick! That is 50% more than most!

10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys -Most sleeves come 100/pack.  We are the only brand offering 110 per pack!  10% more FREE!